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    3D & Digital imaging printing

    Printing & Services
    Our Full Service Lab offers the best quality, turnaround and service in photographic industry
    HD-3D lenticular
    Lenticular printing with it's dramatic effects such as color changing, image flipping, and 3D depth are the ultimate solution for all of your promotional product needs!
    Our company creates photo albums for generations with superior quality and design
    Find the Album Prints-Lustre Catalog in ROES to place an order. Then pick the Album Print size you’d like in the upper left tabs.
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    Scott Joshua Dere

    Labgrafix takes care of all The Element of Nature prints and products. The quality of the printing is Excellent, with color so vibrant, and conststancy, I can count on. To convey my images best to my audience, I use Labgrafix for all my printing.

    Martin Kornfeld

    Mr. Kornfeld has had an excellent relationship with Labgrafix and their staff for many years. " I have highly reccomended Labgrafix to other professional photographers over the years. I demand quality work; and that's what I receive from Labgrafix".