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    3D & Digital imaging printing

    HD-3D Lenticular
    Lenticular printing with it's dramatic effects such as color changing, image flipping, and HD-3D depth are the ultimate solution for all of your promotional product needs!
    For the artist and photographer, the primary purpose of picture framing is to protect artwork, which is often an expensive proposition.
    gallery wraps are made in heavier wood bars in two depths, 3/4 (stretch canvas) and 1 ½ (wrap canvas) .
    At Labgrafix we are constantly searching the globe for the newest and most exciting developments in the album industry.
    Labgrafix press offers the finest finished products for a professioanal photographers.
    Greeting Cards
    Holiday, special celebrations, wedding and other thank you’s-Photo Greeting Cards personalize a message like nothing else.
    Our full service lab offers 100% color accuracy qualiity assured print and first class finishing servises.
    Banners are a long-standing favorite and you can find them almost everywhere, but new printing techniques have made our modern banners truly amazing and beautiful.
    If you’re looking for a modern look we have what you’re looking for.
    Boxes & Cases
    Hold proofs, or an album in our custom made boxes.
    With an eye for abstract and creative interpretations of the beautiful world we live in.